FINAL Bargaining Bulletin

B A R G A I N I N G   B U L L E T I N     April 7, 2016

TO:     All Locals With Bell Aliant Clerical Members


Your bargaining team met for the final time with the Company in Ottawa on April 7, 2016.
Discussions focused on the transferring of all Bell Aliant (BARC) clerical job profiles and salary groups to equivalent positions within Bell Canada (Bell Clerical Agreement – Appendix A), and to review the personalized pay statements that each employee will receive.
The personalized pay statements will be distributed to employees late May 2016.

In Solidarity,


Manon Dubuc

Maureen Dawson

Ray Kolody

Joey Reaume

Valerie Martel

Cynthia Cyr


Solidarity Works!


Your Bell Aliant Clerical Bargaining Team