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Atlantic and Clerical members reach Maintenance of Activities agreement with Bell
Bargaining Update: Bell Aliant and Bell Clerical Negotiations

February 10, 2022

The Bargaining Committees of Unifor Atlantic Communication Locals (ACL) and Bell Clerical workers are pleased to report that we reached a Maintenance of Activities (MOA) agreement with the employer. Bargaining will begin on February 15, 2022 for the Bell Clerical group and on February 18, 2022 for the Bell workers in the Atlantic.
Both bargaining units reached agreements that are consistent with previous MOAs.
These agreements meet the requirements of the Canada Labour Code (CLC) to protect the health and safety of Canadians in the event of emergencies, but all members retain their right to strike like in every previous agreement.
What is Maintenance of Activities?
Maintenance of Activities is a procedural agreement, required by the Canada Labour Code, 87.4(1) that the union and the employer must negotiate so that in the event of a strike or lockout the immediate and serious health and safety of Canadians is protected.
Bell initially claimed that in order to achieve such agreement a minimum of 900 at Clerical and 750 members in Atlantic needed to remain at work in case of a labour dispute. Your solidarity and support made these initial talks possible, and allowed your committees to stay firm in our defense of your rights.
We thank you for your patience throughout these past few months.
Your local union will follow up with more ways to keep you informed, mobilized, and involved in these upcoming negotiations.
Bargaining will commence in the coming weeks for more than 15,000 members including Atlantic and Clerical workers as well as our fellow members at BTS.
Please take this opportunity to engage in your bargaining process for this significant round of negotiations.

In solidarity,

Unifor Atlantic Communication Locals (ACL) Bargaining Committee
Bell Clerical Bargaining Committee