Ergonomics of Working From Home

Ergonomics of Working From Home

While working from home has it’s advantages a proper set up in that environment is essential to avoiding injuries and strains.  Many of us are in to our fourth month of working from home and the following information can help you avoid injuries while working in our home office environments.
The link below contains tips and recommendations related to;

1)  How to work with your laptop,
2) How to set up and adjust your workstation,
3) Where is the best place to work at home,
4) Tips and tricks to be ergonomic.

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What do you do if you encounter injuries or need specialized equipment to safely work from home?;

1) The home office is an extension of the workplace and Bell’s duty to accommodate still applies. If you need your office chair or something you already have at the workplace Bell has committed to making that available to you.
2) If your treating physician has identified that you would benefit from specialized equipment (chairs, motorized desk, special keyboards, etc.) in relation to a medical accommodation Bell is committed to supporting you. If you’re finding that you’re developing strains and pains with your set up at home Bell is also committed to helping you with that. 
3) So if you feel you need specialized equipment at home the normal accommodation process still applies.  This begins with contacting your manager or team leader to discuss your needs.
4) If you encounter issues or problems after contacting your manager you should reach out to the Health & Safety Committee or your Steward for support.