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All Canadians deserve to work in an environment that is safe and secure.  Under the Canadian Labour Code, all employees are entitled to three basic rights:  

The right to know.  The right to participate.  The right to refuse dangerous work.

The Right To Know

Employees have the right to know the risks related to their work.  They are entitled to training, information and proper supervision and instructions with respect to matters of occupational health and safety.

The Right To Participate

Employees have the right to participate in workplace health and safety by reporting health and safety risks and non-compliance as required by the CLC; by participating in the investigations according to the Internal Complaint Resolution Process; by being represented on Corporate and Local Health & Safety Committees (LHSC) to develop processes and procedures that may affect occupational health and safety.

The Right To Refuse

An employee may refuse to work in a place or perform an activity, if the employee while at work has reasonable cause to believe that a condition exists in the place that constitutes a danger to the employee or the performance of the activity constitutes a danger to the employee or another employee.

Your Health and Safety committee plays a vital role in the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries.  We work in conjunction with your employer to  ensure that problems related to your Health & Safety at work are resolved.

~Your Health & Safety Committee


Work Life BalanceBalance

Click on the link above for an informative article that is full of stress busting tips and ways to combat the demands your job places on your life.

Internal Complaint Process

The BC9911 is the Internal Complaint Resolution Process.  If there is a situation or health & safety related issue in your work environment that management has not properly addressed please complete the BC9911 form available online on the Bellnet HR web site.

Bell’s Health & Safety Policy

Bell’s Mental Health Policy

Bell’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Canada Labour Code, Part II


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